New Moon Ritual Guide

NOV 10, 2020

New moon ritual guide

The moon - a celestial symbol of the divine feminine. In Vedic astrology the moon represents our emotions and feelings; our more intimate self; a side of us that perhaps we only carefully show a few.

New moon in Scorpio

By working with the rhythm of the moon and her eight main phases you can connect to this energy on a regular basis, working with your intuition and really exploring what you need to feel comforted and supported; something we need more than ever at the moment.

In this journal post we’re starting at the new moon on Sunday 15th November 2020; the start of the lunar cycle.

What’s happening in the sky

The moon appears dark or absent in the sky. From our view point on earth; the sun is blocked by the moon which means its light cannot be reflected onto the side of the moon we can see in the night’s sky.

New moon represents:

☞ New beginnings
☞ Planting the seed of new ideas
☞ New ventures and opportunities
☞ Connecting to your desires

Why set intentions at the new moon?

It can be hard to make time for ourselves, to get quiet and really think about what we want to bring into our reality. The new moon happens roughly every 29.5 days and can help set a rhythm or a natural schedule for us to check in and reflect on where we are and what new ventures and opportunities we’d like to call in. Far from selfish, often our new moon intentions will benefit those around us and help us to really see why we want to call in certain things; the feelings and emotions attached to that desire .

Big changes come from small shifts.

Lunar Cycle Diary, by Nikki Strange

New moon ritual: What you’ll need

Setup a quiet areas where you won't be disturbed. Make a sacred space that will encourage you to relax (digital devices muted); this can be lighting candles, burning essential oils or smudging your space (ensuring you used ethically/locally sourced smudge sticks) and putting on a playlist that you can meditate to.

☞ Pen and journal, diary or paper
☞ Images or moodboard to help focus on what you want to manifest (optional)
☞ Crystal of your choice (optional) but great for focusing and programming.
☞ Oracle or tarot deck (optional)

With those of us in the northern hemisphere going into a particularly hard and uncertain winter it's important to be gentle and not over ambitious. Big changes come from small shifts. With that in mind, try setting just 1-3 new moon intentions; with less you can be more precious and spend more time really thinking about what you want to call in this scorpio new moon.

New moon ritual

☞ Spend as long as you can breathing deeply and meditating with your chosen music on. The main focus is to get rid of the thoughts of the day and go into a relaxed state.

☞ Begin to think about what you want to call into your life, let the ideas flow. If you've got a crystal hold this and let it work with your energy.

☞ Imagine your desires coming into reality; day-dream them playing out.

☞ Now write or draw your intentions, this part is important so they don't remain as a thought but are recorded as drawings or written wishes. Make a note of the date and the moon sign.

☞ Next to your intentions write how your wishes coming true would make you feel.

☞ Meditate on those feelings; trying to really feel the shift in energy throughout your whole body.

☞ For added intuitive guidance, pull a tarot/oracle deck card to get more intuitive guidance with setting/confirming your intentions.

Over the next few days try and tap back into this energy and refresh yourself with your intentions. Whilst the moon is waxing (the next 14 days), put into motion your intentions; making space for the changes you want to call in.

The best way to monitor your journey with the moon is with a journal or diary so that you can easily track your progress and look back on each cycle.

Written by Nikki Strange

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