Lunar magic moon planner A4 (52 tear off sheets)

Lunar magic moon planner A4 (52 tear off sheets)

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This new moon planner is the perfect aid to help you sync with the phases of the moon during the lunar cycle, allowing you to manifest some magic!

Use this pad to help connect with the moon's energy, using it to get a more balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

Use the spaces on the pad to record intentions, feelings, reflections and gratitude during the four main phases of the lunar cycle; New moon, First Quarter Moon, Full moon, Third quarter moon.

You can also use the pad to record key themes of your moon rituals each month, noting scents, sounds, items & crystals used to help trigger memories; which is great when reflecting on your journey.

The pad is undated so can be started at any point. When there are two new moons in a month, simply use an additional sheet from the pad.

This is a great way to keepsake your main focuses for each lunar cycle and works well when using a journal to record more of your detailed intentions.

Size: A4 landscape 21.0 × 29.7cm 8.27" × 11.69" inches
Sheets: 52 tear off sheets with a hanging hole
Paper: 100gsm uncoated

Each planner is hand packed with a paper band in biodegradable film and wrapped with care in recycled tissue.

This planner is super green and is printed on 100% recycled FSC certified paper stock using eco friendly vegetable inks.