Autumn Back to School for photoshoot with photographer Jade Berry

Autumn Back to School for photoshoot with photographer Jade Berry

Last month we teamed up with Jade Berry fashion photographer and part time lecturer to shoot a fun 'Back to School' campaign with red head beauty  Libby Angove. Jade styled the shoot with 70's nostalgia in mind, experimenting with playful florals & geometrics teamed with cosy knits, creating some lovely compositions with our stationery. 

Included in the shoot are some of our favourite back to school staples, featuring rainbows, daisies, prawns (hell yeah!) and of course our infamous celestial inspired prints, you can shop the edit here. We hope the shoot brings back memories of daisy chain making, giggling in the girl's bathroom  & running through empty corridors. We kinda miss those days!

marble galaxy back to school 



We asked Jade a few questions on what it's like working as independent fashion designer based in Cornwall and what gets her juices flowing..


1. How long have you been doing fashion photography?
I started making pictures when I was 13 years old. I photographed everything, all the time, recording my life like a visual diary. This naturally progressed into fashion by shooting in the same style featuring products, at the time just for fun. It wasn't intill a good friend said to me, why don't you contact to people to see if you can use their items in your shoots.. and it all snowballed from there really... So the answer to the question is I have been doing fashion photography for about 5/6 years.
2. Do you have a muse/favourite icons?
Oh yeah. Quite a few actually. I love Stevie Nicks, Prince, Twiggy - sometimes I wish I was born in the past. I love the style & music of the 60s & 70's.
My biggest muse / icon is David Bowie. Not afraid to be who he wanted to be. Dress how he wanted to dress. And of course his music is just like something else. I'm absolutely besotted with him. 
My friend Ella Barrett. Absolute other-worldly angel. Someone who I just clicked with from day one. We both come from a very small town, where fashion isn't a big thing but we just got each-other. she was my muse, the one that pushed me into fashion, supports me to keep going & to believe in my work. She is an insane print designer - her illustrations are beautiful. She moved to London to follow her dreams & has been working hard for 5+ years doing what she loves. We also share a mutual obsession with Bowie.
3. Why do you like working with independent designers?
As an independent myself, I understand the struggle. I love to brand businesses from early on, to grow together. You're on the same page, I find it so fun to mould a story for a designer to bring their products to life.
4. What changes have you noticed in the industry over the last few years with regards to body image & identity in fashion photography, is it an exciting time to working in this field? 
It really really is. I've always been interested in the different, hence why I fell in love with Bowie. Its a time to celebrate the unknown or unseen, bringing culture, body image to the surface. Making people feel comfortable in their own skin. A time to be proud of yourself & your sexuality. I really thrive off that, thats why I come to London every month from Cornwall - I just love being submerged within the diversity of everyone.
Its an amazing feeling. Dress how you want, be who you want to be, love who you love - it's inspiring.


Written by Nikki 

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