The Story so far...

○ About Nikki ○

From very humble beginnings, the seed of Nikki’s business was planted one evening whilst still living at her parents' house in Hampshire in 2013. After a late evening of painting in her bedroom, Nikki got an impulse to set-up at Etsy shop; listing a few designs on a small run of printed notebooks. To her disbelief, the range sold out within the week and saw the start of something rather special that would grow into an internationally recognised accessories label.

Since those days, Nikki now runs her business from her studio in North London.

○ Ethos ○

All our stationery & accessories are made in the UK, using a range of independent & trusted manufacturers. With a focus on the cycles in nature, meditation & wellness, our new collection includes stationery aimed to help to connect with these practises and cycles; aiding self development and self care rituals. We make beautiful products with purpose, that can be taken with you on your travels; whether it's your daily commute or somewhere more exotic.

We try and use recycled paper and vegetable inks in the making of as many of our products as possible, our eco friendly products are listed here. All paper is printed using FSC certified paper stock. Please check each product’s description as we include as much transparency as possible for each item. We are very aware of cutting down our use of plastic, with most of our products being packaged in biodegradable cellophane film, made from vegetable starch. In our packaging we use recycled tissue paper and eco jiffy mailers that can be recycled. We have recently started working with Ecologi to actively offset our carbon footprint with a tree planting program. You can see how many trees we've planted and where they're located at the bottom of the page.

○ Background ○

Nikki started her career as print designer in the fashion industry in 2010, after completing a degree in BA(hons) Fashion & Textiles at the University of Portsmouth. Having worked freelance for a number of print studios; Nikki saw her work being sold to various international renowned clients such as Topshop, ASOS, Urban Outfitters & Anthropologie. After winning multiple textile design competitions and recognising that she had a distinct ‘feminine & whimsical’ handwriting style, Nikki decided to set up her own label, where she could be limitless in her creative freedom, allowing her work with watercolours and paint the elements of nature that inspire her the most.