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Seconds Moon diary 2024

Seconds Moon diary 2024

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Seconds Moon diary 2024

Diary has a bent bottom right corner and slight ware and tear on edges.

Full year moon diary 2024 (January-December) 

Northern hemisphere diary

Align with the celestial movements of the moon & sun with this lunar diary for 2024.

Use it like a compass, to help plan and orchestrate your new & full moon rituals throughout the year. 

With each month's introductory summary pages you can chart the course of your new moon intentions, embarking on them with inspired action and documenting their culmination at the full moon. Release, let go and learn from your journey as the waning moon guides you back to the dark moon where the cycle starts again. 

What's inside

  • Intro pages on the lunar cycle & each phase
  • Moon phases overview for 2024 inc eclipses
  • Notable dates overview
  • Monthly overview of moon phases & associated zodiac signs
  • Diary pages with the moon phases for each day & zodiac sign
  • New & full moon ritual pages (track & follow your intentions each cycle)
  • Equinox & solstice reflection pages
  • End of month summary pages (action, reflection & gratitude prompts)


    • Flat lay journal (using the finest binding to ensure your pages lay flat when open)
    • Week to view pages
    • 300 pages
    • Full colour print with new illustrations for 2024
    •  Soft cover 300gsm with the moon phases in gold metallic foil
    • Made in the UK



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